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intermittently's Journal

24 October 1982
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Hi, my name is Julie, Jules, Julie K, Ms. K, depending on when I met you. Graduated in 2006 from Eastern Michigan University, and currently attend VanderCook College of Music for Masters of Music Education degree in 3 summers. I am now in the 'real world', teaching Band & Orchesta at Adams Middle School. I am still trying to figure everything out as I go, and hopefully my journal can reflect that - my journey to find my niche in life.
alicia keys, amadeus, ann arbor, apple cider, art fairs & galleries, astrology, autumn, band, barenaked ladies, beach, beethoven, ben folds, blast, blue-green eyes, bridget jones, charles ives, chicago, chinese food, clearly canadian, clouds, colin firth, colorguard, composing, conducting, crying, dave matthews band, dawson's creek, debussy, decorating, dreaming, eastern michigan university, elgar, english horn, erik satie, ewan mcgregor, f. scott fitzgerald, fallout boy, finding nemo, flag corps, flip flops, france, frank ticheli, gavin degraw, gene kelly, gershwin, good morning vietnam, guitar players, harry potter, haydn, hindemith, honesty, howie day, jason mraz, jazz, jewel, jimmy eat world, jimmy john's, john coltrane, john mayer, jude law, lakes, les miserables, love, love actually, mahler, marcello, marching band, maroon 5, matt damon, michael bublé, miles davis, moulin rouge, moving on, mozart, mu phi epsilon, music, music man, musicals, musicians, nickel creek, o.a.r., oboe, orchestra, orlando bloom, oscar wilde, panic! at the disco, parks, percy grainger, persichetti, peter schickele, phish, playing guitar, playing tennis, poetry, polar bears, rain, reading, rivers cuomo, robert frost, romance, ron nelson, rubber duckies, saint-saens, sarcasm, schindler's list, singin' in the rain, sky, sleep, smoothies, snowflakes, stars, steven page, storms, stravinsky, sunsets, teaching, the ataris, tim horton's, traveling, truth, weezer, white chocolate hot chocolate, white oleander, white roses, winter, winterguard, writing poems, yellow roses